The Lluks Collection is characterized by our signature handmade skulls that are made of 18K gold and Sterling silver, with beautiful and unique precious gemstones. Generally, people associate skulls with death, however, we consider skulls a symbol and a tribute to life that encourage us to enjoy every day.


The Dream Collection is characterized by different charms engraved with Mayan symbols. Each symbol possesses different personality traits, and it is up to the wearer to find a symbol or combine several symbols that fits either the person’s current or desired personality.


The ColorUp Collection consists of colored precious gemstones that each possesses different natural energies. All of our gemstones are carefully cut in unique ways that causes no stones to be identical, and gives all stones their own personality and story to tell. By wearing our gemstones you will obtain different beneficial positive spiritual energies while looking fashionable at the same time.


The Hope Collection consists of bangles and rings in Sterling silver decorated with different precious gemstones in order to give the jewellery and you a unique look, as well as spiritual energies. We believe that everything is possible if you have the strength to hope for it. Our jewellery will give you spiritual strength, so all you have to give is hope.